Why we built Monstro

The office where Monstro was built

Quality financial guidance shouldn’t be only for the one percent

We are financial experts with backgrounds spanning wealth management, insurance, estate planning, tax planning, legal services, and fintech. We founded Monstro to offer financial guidance in a format that anyone can access: the mobile simplicity of a personal finance app.

It’s the kind of guidance that’s not readily available to most people. Financial advice is everywhere, but none of it is holistic, only addressing slices of what a family needs to navigate the American experience, from saving for goals, to protecting from risk, or planning for retirement. 

Monstro offers what is generally available only to the most fortunate: wealth management. These services usually require minimum investable assets of $750,000 to $1,000,000. Some well-known companies set a minimum of $10 million. Our app is aimed at helping everyone.

We don’t answer to advertisers, because we don’t want any

Moreover, we wanted to provide independent expertise, free of outside influence. Professional wealth management often is based on how much you transact or whether you invest in certain assets.

Bankers, brokers, lenders, insurance agents — all often juggle competing masters, such as pressure to meet sales goals or to increase profit by layering in fees and charges that aren’t transparent to you.  

We call our app users clients, because they are who we serve

So, we decided not to accept advertising or participate in lead-generation programs. That focuses our efforts entirely on the users of Monstro, whom we call, internally, clients, because they are who we serve. This ensures that our clients’ personalized insights remain unbiased.

For our beta launch, we’ve released a select set of investing-related insights, plus suggestions in other areas, such as insurance and estate matters. It’s a taste, frankly, of what we plan to do for you in the coming releases.

Our beta is an invitation to potential clients to partner with us and create the most impactful guide they’ll ever have for building and growing wealth. 

Download the app, connect your accounts, test Monstro out, and send us feedback about how it works  and what more you need. Many more personalized wealth management insights are in the works.

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