Why should I trust you with my bank and financial accounts?

Trust in the safety and security of your personal and financial data is paramount to us at Monstro.

Key Points on Data Security at Monstro:

  1. No Personal Data Access: Monstro’s system is engineered in a way that it doesn’t link your personal financial data with your actual personal identifiers. We use techniques to transform sensitive data, like social security or account numbers, into formats that can’t be interpreted by humans.
  2. View-Only Access: When you integrate an account with Monstro, it simply grants us access to view your account balance and relevant information. Crucially, no transactions, neither deposits nor withdrawals, can be initiated from your account via Monstro. This is distinctly different from the capabilities of standard banking apps.
  3. Data Tokenization: Our interaction and data storage practices with your financial institution employ data tokenization. This method is a recognized standard among top-tier companies, ensuring compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). This standard is pivotal for safely storing credit card details and passwords.
  4. Sole Purpose: The data you entrust us with has a singular purpose – to enhance the Monstro service experience for you. We’re committed to leveraging recognized electronic and procedural security measures to guard your data. Complying with relevant laws, we ensure data deletion when it’s no longer required for a valid reason.

Monstro continually strives to set benchmarks in data privacy and security.