What is a “conversation”?

In the Monstro app, a “conversation” refers to a message thread that is automatically initiated when you share an item with someone else.

Key Characteristics of a Conversation:

  • Purpose: Conversations are designed for private and secure discussions regarding insights or recommendations provided by Monstro. You can invite anyone to the conversation – be it an adviser, family member, partner, or friend.
  • Security: Since these discussions often contain confidential and personal financial details, all conversations are securely hosted within the Monstro app.
  • Group Discussions: Conversations aren’t restricted to one-on-one interactions. You can have group discussions too. If any participant isn’t a Monstro user, they’ll receive a prompt to download the app. Post-installation, they’re seamlessly guided to the conversation after a quick login.

To view all your active conversations, simply tap the conversations icon located in the upper right corner of the Monstro app.