What are “boards”?

“Boards” in the Monstro app serve as collection pages where users can consolidate and organize various items from their feed.

Key Features of Boards:

  1. Saving Items: Simply tap on the save button beside any item in your feed. This allows you to create a private board focused on any subject of your choice, making it easier to view related Monstro cards under a single topic.
  2. Organizing Ideas: Imagine grouping all the Monstro insights regarding the rental properties you own or gathering savings recommendations identified by Monstro. Additionally, you can jot down personal notes on your board.
  3. Collaboration: Boards can be shared with collaborators. For instance, you might want to share a board containing Monstro’s investment insights with your financial advisor for better clarity.:::(Warning) Privacy Alert: When you share a board, collaborators gain access to your private items and any confidential data on them. Collaborators also possess the ability to contribute their own items to the shared board. As the board’s owner, you have the authority to remove collaborators or any of their contributions at any given time. :::
  4. Public Boards: Beyond private boards, you have the option to craft or be part of public boards. This is a great way to disseminate topical news and insights with the entire Monstro community.
  5. Accessing Boards: Navigate to your boards by simply tapping on the save button located in the bottom navigation bar of the Monstro app.