How do I share something with a friend?

When sharing content in the Monstro app, you’re essentially starting a new conversation. This conversation can be expanded by adding more participants and keeping the dialogue active.

Sharing Content to Initiate a Conversation:

  1. Find the Share Icon: Look for the share icon on the lower right of any feed item. Note: If you don’t see the share icon, that item isn’t shareable.
  2. Choose a Contact: Go through your contact list to find the person you want to share with or press “+” to add a new contact.
  3. Follow the Sharing Steps: Continue with the on-screen prompts to share your content.
  4. For Non-Monstro Users: If the recipient doesn’t have the Monstro app, they’ll receive a prompt to download and join.
  5. Check Conversations List: The content you’ve shared will now be visible in your conversations list as a new thread.

Adding Participants or Comments to an Existing Conversation:

  1. Access Conversations: Tap on the conversations icon located at the upper right corner of the Monstro app.
  2. Select the Conversation: Tap on the specific shared item that initiated the conversation to open it.
  3. Add More Participants: While the conversation is open, tap its title to add another participant.
  4. Leave a Comment: Type your message in the box situated at the bottom of the open conversation.

:::Info Why can’t I send or text content out from the app?

To maintain the security of your personal insights and financial data, Monstro ensures that the information stays within the platform. This facilitates private discussions with friends, partners, or advisers without compromising security. :::