How do I report a problem?

When faced with an issue on Monstro, the resolution method depends on the nature of the problem. Here’s how you can address different scenarios:

Problem with an Item in Your Monstro Feed:

If you notice discrepancies or inconsistencies like:

  • Mismatch of personal data on a card
  • Incorrect representation about you
  • Suggestions not aligning with your expectations

Follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Problematic Item: Swipe left until the “Why Displayed” card for the item in question appears.
  2. Examine: Check the information and data leading to the creation and delivery of the item.
  3. Act: Tap on the green Report a problem button.
  4. Specify the Issue:
    • For immediate edits: Modify your data directly
    • For general issues: Report the broader problem associated with the item.

For General Problems:

  1. Research First: Before reaching out, it’s often helpful to check this Help Center for potential solutions. (This might be the fastest way to tackle straightforward issues.)
  2. Initiate Contact: If the solution isn’t apparent, scroll to this page’s end and select “Contact Us”.
  3. Open Email Client: This action will automatically launch your email application.
  4. Craft the Subject Line:
    • For Support Requests: Start with ‘SUPPORT:’ followed by a brief overview.Example: SUPPORT: The app crashes when I tap the magnifying glass
    • For Feedback: Begin with ‘FEEDBACK:’ and add a concise description.Example: FEEDBACK: Monstro should streamline its feedback mechanism.
  5. Detail the Issue: In the email body, provide an in-depth description of the problem. Also, mentioning your phone’s brand and model can be beneficial.