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Thursday, September 20, 2007

An open letter to Bob Buckter, color consultant, San Francisco.

from my lovely wife, and so entertaining and impassioned i had to share:

From: Courtney Skott
Date: September 20, 2007 11:57:31 AM PDT
To: DrColor/at/DrColor.com
Subject: building at McAllister & Pierce

Hi Bob,

I live across the street from the building at McAllister and Pierce that's currently being re-roofed, repainted, etc. I stopped by today to ask the workmen what color it was going to be, and they said they didn't know, but that there was a great color consultant working on it. "Not Bob Buckter?" I asked; and indeed, it was you. Are there even any other color consultants in the city?

So, as a concerned neighbor, I decided to write and make this request: Please don't make it brown. Please don't make it beige.

I've watched over the last 3 years as building after building in this neighborhood has gone brown or beige. There's that unusual one on McAllister - the mid-block one with the corner bay - that was run-down and mint green. When the scaffolding went up a year and a half ago, I was so excited because that house deserved to be beautiful. And now it's beige. The one on the corner of Scott & McAllister just went beige. There's that horrendous dark brown one with red trim on the same block. A bunch of places along my running route to the park in the blocks north of the Panhandle have recently gone brown and beige.

Bob, stop the madness! This newest one is already right next to a big brown brick behemoth. Just Say No to Brown! Brown is the color of default; the color of fear and indecision; the color for people too cowardly to do anything else. You have it in your power to do so much more! Please use that power responsibly.

Thanks very much for your time.

A concerned neighbor,
Courtney Skott

PS - Love the new navy one on Scott right on Alamo Square.