i disagree with everything you just said.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

warning: blatant company promotion ahead.

adaptive path's user experience week 2005 is right around the corner, august 22-25 in washington, d.c. truly an event you won't want to miss — particularly day 3, which is all about the brave new world of user research for the web. i'm going to be talking about some cool and valuable research i've done with princess cruises and the national gallery of art, peter and jjg are going to walk through some ethnographic studies they've done, and we've even got jared spool of user interface engineering coming to talk about advances he's made in the field that go well beyond traditional usability studies.

and, ok, the other days will be good, too. i'm particularly looking forward to hearing eric costello talk about designing and growing flickr's interface.

full schedule available on the registration page, and if you decide you want to attend, register with code FOLB for 15% off. who says i never do anything for you?

Monday, July 25, 2005

fleet of feet.

this past weekend, for some god unknown reason, somebody went into the dryer on the roof of our apartment building and stole all our ankle-length athletic socks. i had just bought a new pack of 12, and now, nothing, and all of courtney's were gone as well. they left everything else: the undershirts, the underwear, the pillowcases, even the shin-highs; they just took the short socks.

picky thief or bizarre fetishist; either way, it's annoying.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

ajax, the great destroyer.

fun: techweb interviewed me and anil for an article about ajax they posted the other day, where i said something potentially upsetting to a great number of web marketers, and i was wondering how long it would take for them to notice. not long, it turns out.

curious to see if there's any fallout, though as my coworker ryan so astutely noted via email:

like any savvy marketer would let a little thing like that prevent them from advertising. "this page's non-refresh interface brought to you by...," or replacing that cute little spinning icon that indicates your data has been committed with a flashing logo, or some other similar monstrosity.

paradigms may mutate to the point of no longer being recognizable, but they never die off completely. so long as there is money to be made, and no one has to do the hard work of reinventing the means of making that money, very little will distinguish the conventions of web 1.0 from the brand new internet.

update: jason calacanis says about what you'd expect for a guy from the new york publishing world.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

the other chronic.

my old pal jenni prokopy (nee jenni grover) has just launched a grand web project, chronic babe, a site for women "living with a chronic health condition or illness." to which she adds:

the emphasis on living is important — when we think of ourselves as "suffering with" or "afflicted by" a chronic condition, we start to adopt the mentality of a victim, something babes just don't buy into..

jenni's always been one of the most well-written people i know, and she faced up to her own fibromyalgia with an impressive directness. also, i had a huge crush on her in 7th grade. so with all that in mind, i encourage you to check it out.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

advertising in truth.

oh so amusing: lazy girl seeks same in boy form - 26. here for your reading pleasure thanks to the expansive opportunity of craigslist and the discerning eye of mike monteiro.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

oh, veronica.

somewhere between nancy drew and raymond chandler, buffy the vampire slayer and encyclopedia brown, the o.c. and hitchcock's "shadow of a doubt" comes "veronica mars," a show that, thanks to the peered and seeded magic of bittorrent and a summer lacking in good cable fare, is firmly entrenched as my current favorite tv show ever.

it's not just the dandy warhols over the opening credits, though that helps (and the rest of the music ain't too shabby, with a pilot that even included an old dah-veed garza song pulling me back to my earliest college days [1]), but also the writing, which is quirky but grounded; the mystery, which is classic but still pleasantly mysterious, and occupies just enough of the story arc; the characters, who are better developed than they need to be; and the actress who plays veronica, because she's seriously, seriously my kind of cute. it's a winner.

i'm only on episode 11 of 22 for season 1, so if you've seen it, please, don't tell me how it ends. thanks.

[1] rob thomas, the guy who created the show, taught journalism @ the university of texas while i was there, and even advised the student mag utmost that i worked on my first year before it was cruelly shut down by the school administration, several years later to be revived online by myself and ryan junell, who took what he started there and channeled it into a series of webzine conferences, on hiatus for a while but back this year. yay small yet media-saturated world.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

"the world is losing faith in america."

"Historians and pundits who leap aboard the bandwagon of American Empire have forgotten a little too quickly that for an empire to be born, a republic has first to die."

A blunt and upsetting essay by Tony Judt in The New York Review of Books. And not to get too hysterical or anything, but:

"For there is a precedent in modern Western history for a country whose leader exploits national humiliation and fear to restrict public freedoms; for a government that makes permanent war as a tool of state policy and arranges for the torture of its political enemies; for a ruling class that pursues divisive social goals under the guise of national 'values'; for a culture that asserts its unique destiny and superiority and that worships military prowess; for a political system in which the dominant party manipulates procedural rules and threatens to change the law in order to get its own way; where journalists are intimidated into confessing their errors and made to do public penance. Europeans in particular have experienced such a regime in the recent past and they have a word for it. That word is not 'democracy.' "