i disagree with everything you just said.

Thursday, March 31, 2005

the latest greatest tagging sensation.

mr. benjamin brown, who gets an awful lot of mention here on this weblog, has just soft-launched his latest late-nite coding endeavor, consumating, the newest bestest way to find people to sleep with. elevator pitch, it's online dating + flickr/del.icio.us tagging. which means you can now browse people of your preferred sex not only geographically, but also by description and self-description. for example, show me all women within 25 miles of my zip code who are tattooed social activists with a penchant for drinking bourbon and going to burningman. kind of very cool.

i take credit for the name (i like naming things), and mike and erika stepped up to help out with the language and the visuals, but all the rest of it is the brainchild of ben and adam mathes, the notorious googlebomber who knows a thing or two about tagging. i'm predicting mad success. there's been a lot of noise lately about how online dating is an area ripe for some serious innovation, and, well, here it is. there are also a few other clever 2nd gen ideas in there, but you should probably go discover them for yourself.

in the meantime, some profiles: mine, my wife's, ben's, adam's, my pals micki and ginevra. just to get you started. oh, and who could forget my brother?

Friday, March 25, 2005

happy birthday to us.

the adaptive path four year anniversary party was a smashing success, by all accounts. we had a taco truck out front, fancy lighting, secret plans were hatched, and a whole hell of a lot of people showed up. so thanks for coming, if you did, and sad for you, if you missed it. there's always next year.

update: sfist does a write up. gotta love that photo.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

in which the virtual and the actual collapse completely into each other.

but, really, it's just some clever wallpaper.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

it's a novel, and you're all evited.

my latest process project: composing a short novella entirely in evite response fields, 375 characters at a time. thus combining my affection for the incongruent, my dismally short attention span, and my love of a good party. i'll try and include some sort of reference to whatever's going on around the page, but no promises — wouldn't want to disrupt the flow of the narrative. will link to them as they come up.

if you want to help, feel free to invite me along. i'll bring the beer.

an internet that logs onto you.

i like this (and please god no, not the goatse thing): jason cosper of preshrunk is asking folks who run across clever t-shirts they want him to post to tag 'em with "preshrunk" in del.icio.us, turning that particular rss feed into his very own recommendaggregation engine.

clever boy. emailing urls is sooo february 2004.

Friday, March 18, 2005

just not changing much at this particular moment.

as the exhaustion fades, the memories return. or gel for the first time. so we're at the soopersecret post-sterling sxsw after-party at ben's house on the last night of interactive, and the alcohol supply is on the dwindle. people are a little desperate, on their way out the door. the crowd has thinned enough that can i see alex steffen, editor of worldchanging and an admirable and articulate human being whose keynote conversation with bruce was a highlight of the conference, walk out of the kitchen towards me holding a blue ikea cereal bowl in both hands.

"what's that?" i ask.

"i went looking for a drink, and someone in there handed me this bowl, then filled it up with wine. from a box."

there's a meaningful pause, during which alex gazes down into his wine, then calmly back up at me.

"when they ask me what the low point was during my six-week conference tour, i'll tell them: it was this moment."

then he brings the bowl up to his mouth and takes a sip.

insert tasteless joke about "server rack" here.

jeff veen: "pay for a server? in this day and age? i don't think so. that's like paying for sex."

an apple a day.

a talented and colorful woman with whom i often trade personal tales of woe once told me about a wedding she had attended after getting her sick on. feeling those tellltale chills and aches yet still hoping to remain vertical for the festivities, she asked one of the other early arriving guests, a kindly young doctor, what she could take to stave off her collapse. "tequila," he replied.

and a good time was had by all.

handy advice if it's the second day of a four day bacchanal/conference with all sorts of intelligent and attractive people and you suddenly find yourself in the same situation. a quick pact with one of your new pals to ingest nothing but for the evening and several margaritas in everything's just fine. couple more shots and it's even better than that. keep that up for 2 days straight and you've had a hell of a time and hardly noticed or felt a thing, illness-related or otherwise. highly recommended if it happens to you.

i'm paying for it now, though. boy howdy.

man, i hope my mother doesn't read this.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

you come to the adaptive path party.

you really should, you know. the new office is large, swank, warehouse-y, and just begging for a party. we've got lights, djs, free alcohol (always), and a taco truck pulled up to the door. a taco truck! so there's that.

thursday, march 24, 2005
363 brannan st.
between 2nd and 3rd streets
big green building
5:30pm until the cops bust in

i'll never forgive you if you don't show up. never.

sxsw vs. etech.

anyone wondering which was the better conference to attend, sxsw interactive or the o'reilly emerging technologies conference, should take a look at this photo from the sxsw opening night party, and compare it with this one from etech's.

if you're me, it's not a hard choice to make.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

too bad his party sucked so very badly this year.

many things to say about sxsw interactive, but for now, in the airport, on the wireless, 48 hours without sleep and 10 minutes to board, just two:
  1. traditionally, sxsw has the worst panels and the best parties, and this isn't a problem, because, well, parties; but this year, i got something from it all, and i think it's something pretty good. and with one desecratingly notable exception, the parties, just as good.

  2. thanks, bruce, for this one: "the actual is the new virtual." most of the best happens when we stop making distinctions, so i don't even know why we still bother with this one anymore. everything piles up on top of everything else; right, mr. brown?