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Sunday, April 01, 2007

i'm running a marathon, but only if you help pay for it.

courtney and i are in training to run the san francisco aids marathon at the end of july. we figured the structure of the program will get us through 26.2 miles by race day, since group expectation and guilt are truly fantastic motivators.

for the marathon, we're participating in a fundraiser benefiting the san francisco aids foundation. established in 1982, the san francisco aids foundation is one of the oldest and largest community- based aids service organizations in the united states. they provide direct services to thousands of people living with or at risk for hiv/ aids, promote hiv prevention and awareness in the community, and advocate for sound hiv/aids policies at all levels of government.

speaking of group expectation and guilt, here is where you, our friends, come in. we've both set our personal fundraising goals at $2500 each -- we have to raise $1800 each to participate, though if we can raise more, that's great! -- and we have to do it by april 27th. so whether you are motivated by the cause, by the prospect of me running a marathon, or just by the prospect of seeing courtney (who's way faster than me) kick my ass, please help us meet our fundraising goals and donate today!

it's (theoretically, if the web site wasn't such a clunker) easy to make your tax-deductible donation by credit card online:

my donor page

courtney's donor page

or if credit cards on the internets scare you, you can instead download a form from the link on our donor pages or just mail a check to:

national aids marathon training program file #7409302
po box 60000
san francisco ca 94160

if you send a check, please reference our names and participant numbers: courtney skott #7167; lane becker #7168.

finally, please pass this link along to anyone else you think might want to support hiv services and prevention programs. donations of any amount to either of our campaigns will help us reach our fundraising goals.

thanks so much for supporting us in this undertaking. we'll keep you updated on our progress! (coming up next: 14 miles. ouch.)

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Blogger John said...

done. one small bump for each of you.

now, you sure as hell better hold hands while you run, and courtney, i don't care if lane drags you down.

4/01/2007 9:21 PM


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