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Friday, March 17, 2006

turntablist, tx.

back from sxswi and, while there's a lot i could say about it, the most memorable is this: dj mel is the greatest dj i have ever seen. and i come from san francisco, a city lousy with talented djs.

but there was something about dj mel — the way he combined wildly eclectic and unpretentious song choices with serious scratching skillz; they way he combined men without hats and 50 cent, and kept it working much longer than it had any right to. all of which kept everybody, everybody dancing; micki comes up to me around 1am, grabs me by the shoulders, and screams over the thumping: "i really want to go to the next party, but this dj is so fucking good!"

we're definitely flying dj mel out for the next ap party.


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