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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

plus ca change.

while we're on the subject of big changes @ adaptive path, now's a good time to also mention that i have a new job title, to go along with a brand spankin' new job (since laura took my old one...)

hints @ what the new job entails there in my bio, but here's the short version: i'll be working with early stage startups and select angels and vcs to help them better define, design, and develop the next round of world-changing apps and products. it's all about applying the thinking, methodologies, and tools we've incubated @ ap over the last 5 years, shared with our clients and workshop attendees, and exposed in products like measure map, to a very specific question: how can you make a startup product better — more usable, viable, and desirable, more apt to get millions of users and make millions of dollars — faster?

this is something i've been wanting to do ever since we started ap. i'm chomping @ the bit to get started, and now's just about the best possible time to try it. more details just as soon as i can get the new section about it up and running on the ap site.


Blogger Jolyon said...

*woah* those are the kinds of changes that are always welcome!

Congrats dude, sounds like a great position - and it's been fantastic watching AP evolve...

Y'all get over to London soon!!


2/16/2006 2:12 AM


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