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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

good day.

well, hey, that worked out: measure map, off to google.

though i'm going to miss him around the adaptive path office, i'm glad veen's taking the user experience gospel with him down to mountain view. they're lucky to get it, and him. jeff's a truly, truly talented designer, in the classic sense of the word, and i've learned a lot from him over the last 5 years about what it takes to honestly care about something you're making, so you can bring the best version of it into the world.

which is what he did with measure map. he took an idea we came up with last december and poured his heart and soul into it, and it shows. if you'll forgive me for being crass, i can't think of a better way to say it than: jeff built the shit out of that product.

so, yeah, google's lucky, but more importantly, we still get to go out drinking after work — the measure map team's just gonna have to caltrain back up for it (and that commute, by the way, is for suckers!)

here's jeff's official post on the google blog. and a couple other folks in the office: dan, janice, greg, peter, chiara, jesse, ryan, bryan. and our neighbors over @ mule design and rubyred labs weighed in, too.

finally, i will say this: i might make fun of my own ambition, in that sarcastic, self-deprecating way that i do, but when i moved out to the west coast, to silicon valley and san francisco and this place that reinvents itself and the rest of the world almost daily, i did it for a reason: because there were things i wanted to get done, get built, make happen, succeed at. and this &mdash well, this was one of them. so it's a good day. a really, really good day.


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