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Sunday, February 19, 2006

back from below.

i had a 3 continent month in december, bopping from san francisco to beijing; back, briefly, before heading out to santiago, chile, with erika and courtney; then making our way down through patagonia all the way to tierra del fuego, about as far south as you can go (excepting antarctica) before you can't help but start back north.

i mention this because, hello, way fun, but also 'cause we took pictures, i finally managed to post them all (164!) to flickr, and i wanted to share.

quite a trip. highly recommended to anyone who likes meat and/or mountains, since there was quite a bit of both.


Blogger Lane said...

Hey man...You need to not steal my name or identity any more. My name is Lane and I live in a house called the Monstro with 10 other guys. We go to Whitman College and we have a sweet blog that everyone on campus reads cause we are the biggest party house around. Read it and please rescind your claim on our reality.


2/19/2006 1:31 PM

Blogger Manton said...

Wow, great pictures.

Also, congrats to you and Jeff and the rest of the team on Measure Map. Hope to run into you at SXSW again.

2/21/2006 7:41 AM


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