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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

ed is dead (ed is dead.)

much as i appreciate the backstory on how the pixies got it together a decade later, it's always sad when you realize that your musical godhead is, alas, all too human. which i already knew, i guess, but the tiny details scattered throughout the article really bring it home.

mostly, though, it reminded me of being 17 and trapped in houston, texas, railing against the life i was handed but without anything to replace it, discovering the pixies on rice's college radio station during a drive to the therapist's office downtown, coming home and buying every album i could find at the local big box record store. the pixies were the only thing i had, until i got to college, that gave me a glimmer that there might be something else &mdash something better! — out there. didn't know what it was, exactly, but it was the light at the beginning of the tunnel, and in the swamp pit that was late 80's houston, texas, that was enough.

it's not quite ben's story, but still. death to the pixies!


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