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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

warning: blatant company promotion ahead.

adaptive path's user experience week 2005 is right around the corner, august 22-25 in washington, d.c. truly an event you won't want to miss — particularly day 3, which is all about the brave new world of user research for the web. i'm going to be talking about some cool and valuable research i've done with princess cruises and the national gallery of art, peter and jjg are going to walk through some ethnographic studies they've done, and we've even got jared spool of user interface engineering coming to talk about advances he's made in the field that go well beyond traditional usability studies.

and, ok, the other days will be good, too. i'm particularly looking forward to hearing eric costello talk about designing and growing flickr's interface.

full schedule available on the registration page, and if you decide you want to attend, register with code FOLB for 15% off. who says i never do anything for you?


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