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Thursday, July 07, 2005

oh, veronica.

somewhere between nancy drew and raymond chandler, buffy the vampire slayer and encyclopedia brown, the o.c. and hitchcock's "shadow of a doubt" comes "veronica mars," a show that, thanks to the peered and seeded magic of bittorrent and a summer lacking in good cable fare, is firmly entrenched as my current favorite tv show ever.

it's not just the dandy warhols over the opening credits, though that helps (and the rest of the music ain't too shabby, with a pilot that even included an old dah-veed garza song pulling me back to my earliest college days [1]), but also the writing, which is quirky but grounded; the mystery, which is classic but still pleasantly mysterious, and occupies just enough of the story arc; the characters, who are better developed than they need to be; and the actress who plays veronica, because she's seriously, seriously my kind of cute. it's a winner.

i'm only on episode 11 of 22 for season 1, so if you've seen it, please, don't tell me how it ends. thanks.

[1] rob thomas, the guy who created the show, taught journalism @ the university of texas while i was there, and even advised the student mag utmost that i worked on my first year before it was cruelly shut down by the school administration, several years later to be revived online by myself and ryan junell, who took what he started there and channeled it into a series of webzine conferences, on hiatus for a while but back this year. yay small yet media-saturated world.


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