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Thursday, June 30, 2005

red sky @ morning.

without fail, every time i go through the austin airport, they dump me into the "ssss" line, which means no matter what i do — no matter how much extraneous clothing i remove — i'm going to get the pat-down. i travel through quite a few cities these days, but austin's the only one this needlessly thorough. they even hand me a small, laminated pink card filled with metal to carry through the metal detector, to ensure that the buzzer sounds when i pass underneath; strangely protocol-driven, these folks.

and then i'm standing in line in this glassed-in cattle call, waiting to get wanded along with a few other folks who are understandably anxious about getting to their flights. people in austin don't move very fast even on a good day (too hot), and the "possible terrorist" line doesn't exactly get high priority. unfortunate combo.

twenty minutes later and still two people from the front, the guy behind me breaks the cramped silence, asking everybody in line the same thing, moving back to front:

"so why you here? you flying one-way?"

i'm not, though, and tell him as much when he gets to me. i'm on the return leg of a 4 day trip to texas. i have no idea what i've done to engender such mistrust.

"guess you must've voted democrat in the last election."

i mock-laugh, and then realize he isn't kidding. aw, crap. apparently it has come to this.


Blogger TheBrad said...

Bergstrom is the only place I ever get singled out for extra wanding these days, and is where I always have to remove shoes, belt, watch and fillings to get through the metal detector beeplessly. It's also the only airport in recent memory where they've ventured to open my carry-on valise and wade through miles of USB and Ethernet cables, power cords and assorted dongles before sending me on my way.

Oddly, I feel no safer for having run this gauntlet.

6/30/2005 12:14 PM

Blogger John said...

yeah. i can't e-ticket anymore. seems i have the same name of a suspected terrorist... yeah, right. i think it's because i built bushgrammar back before the 2000 election.

the worst part is, it's all theater. the saudi arabians who plowed into the wtc all had valid id's and passed through security no prob.

7/02/2005 5:46 AM

Blogger lane said...

sigh. airports.

7/21/2005 7:15 AM


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