i disagree with everything you just said.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

yea though i walk.

hell outta dodge — i spent the weekend with some folks camping in furnace creek, smack in the middle of death valley (it's that little green spot in the middle, where, for some god unknown reason, they have located a golf course; ah, roughing it.)

here's the nutshell: death valley is basically nature's theme park — drive 20 minutes and there's some crazy new geologic wonder that's beautiful, awe-inspiring, and more than a little intimidating in a people-don't-belong-here, i-might-die kind of way. also, abandoned gold mines and con artists a-plenty. what's not to love?

some pictures: sand dunes. salt flats. playa. canyon. ghost town. crater. wildflowers, everywhere. and, also, can't talk now; i'm on vacation.


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