i disagree with everything you just said.

Friday, March 18, 2005

just not changing much at this particular moment.

as the exhaustion fades, the memories return. or gel for the first time. so we're at the soopersecret post-sterling sxsw after-party at ben's house on the last night of interactive, and the alcohol supply is on the dwindle. people are a little desperate, on their way out the door. the crowd has thinned enough that can i see alex steffen, editor of worldchanging and an admirable and articulate human being whose keynote conversation with bruce was a highlight of the conference, walk out of the kitchen towards me holding a blue ikea cereal bowl in both hands.

"what's that?" i ask.

"i went looking for a drink, and someone in there handed me this bowl, then filled it up with wine. from a box."

there's a meaningful pause, during which alex gazes down into his wine, then calmly back up at me.

"when they ask me what the low point was during my six-week conference tour, i'll tell them: it was this moment."

then he brings the bowl up to his mouth and takes a sip.


Blogger micki said...

my two favorite people from sxsw sharing a total austin moment! i'm so sad i missed it. but so glad you shared it. not sure alex will agree.

3/18/2005 7:53 PM


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