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Friday, March 18, 2005

an apple a day.

a talented and colorful woman with whom i often trade personal tales of woe once told me about a wedding she had attended after getting her sick on. feeling those tellltale chills and aches yet still hoping to remain vertical for the festivities, she asked one of the other early arriving guests, a kindly young doctor, what she could take to stave off her collapse. "tequila," he replied.

and a good time was had by all.

handy advice if it's the second day of a four day bacchanal/conference with all sorts of intelligent and attractive people and you suddenly find yourself in the same situation. a quick pact with one of your new pals to ingest nothing but for the evening and several margaritas in everything's just fine. couple more shots and it's even better than that. keep that up for 2 days straight and you've had a hell of a time and hardly noticed or felt a thing, illness-related or otherwise. highly recommended if it happens to you.

i'm paying for it now, though. boy howdy.

man, i hope my mother doesn't read this.


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