i disagree with everything you just said.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

i'm sure you're making money off it, but that's not my point.

oh, nick. much as i enjoy the occasional visit to one of the outposts of your empire, and though i'm a big fan of the concepts behind the latest, lifehacker and (especially) gridskipper — so aspirational! — i can, in a heartbeat, tell why you fled sf for ny. those insanely obnoxious online ads are so large, so unnecessary, so disrespectful of your audience, and so several years behind the zeitgeist. in other words: so east coast media.

seriously, i can hardly tell what i'm supposed to be reading on those sites. thank god for syndication, the savior of bad business-of-design decisions.

(and while i've got you here, nick, let me recommend you acquire design*sponge for your next venture, the one about high-end design stuffs. she's got the format nailed.)


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