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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

how the hell did they do that?

back when the web was new — 93-94, for you latecomers — i used to sit in my basement office at the university of texas, so damn excited every morning to load up hotwired.com on my pokey mac 7200 just to see what great new use they were making of the web that particular day. what sort of cool shit were they doing that i'd never seen before? what magic new technologies were they employing that i'd never even heard of? animated gifs, splash pages &mdash i took it all in, and then spent the rest of the day (on the university's dime) trying to figure out how they did it. hotwired pushed me to master techniques i never would have known about otherwise. hotwired did that for a lot of people. hotwired really did push the medium forward [1].

i've missed that — that willingness within companies to experiment, to try something valuable and different, to move with the moment, to demonstrate the practicality of the new. hotwired's been gone a long time, but fortunately for us, between gmail and (especially) maps.google.com, google's brought it back. it ain't daily, and these days i'm more inclined to pay someone else to do it for me than learn to do it myself, but still, i can't wait to see — and use, and advocate for — whatever they do next.

[1] note to self: start a company with the guy who was responsible for that.


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