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Monday, January 10, 2005

news flash: american news media sucks.

i'm here in tokyo, watching cnnj (cnn japan), which magically has an english language track, when i'm surprised to see that there's an advertisement for cnn's havana bureau. "wait, what?" i ask, "cnn has a havana bureau?" it's followed by a lengthy advertisement for the experience and trustworthiness of the cnn head of news for africa. "wait, what?" i ask, "cnn covers african news?"

that's right. cnn, an american organization headquartered in atlanta, georgia, that most american of states, reports on all sorts of news about other countries, to other countries. just not to the country it's headquartered in. oh, no. they get a havana bureau; we're not even allowed to acknowledge that havana exists. here, they get news; at home, we get "crossfire" (well, until recently.)

and don't even get me started on bbc world, where they do things like report on weather conditions in the middle east. somehow, i suspect if we were told more often it was 44c in that part of the world, we'd be much less inclined to go a-bombing all the time. there's a level of connectedness that results from knowing it's fucking hot in kabul that reminds you real people live over there, too.


Blogger Nadav said...

yep. I'm struck by this every time I travel. When we were in Barcelona last year there was this amazing, in-depth, hour-long documentary on Iraq. The kind of thing you rarely see in the states, but it was just part of a regular old daily BBC broadcast. *sigh*

1/14/2005 7:11 PM


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