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Sunday, January 23, 2005

the more i think about it, the less sense it makes.

while in tokyo, you must stop in at zoff [1], a branch of which you'll find around pretty much every street corner. they sell eyeglasses, but cheap, oh so cheap: i picked up a terrific pair for $50, and that included frames, lenses, and examination (fortunately, i didn't have to try to identify blurry kanji.) the most expensive pair clocked in at around $100, slightly more if you want the supah-thin lenses, still around $300 less than i've spent on every other pair i've ever bought here at home [2]. half an hour after the exam, i stroll out with a new pair of rectangular, gray/green, vaguely japanese looking specs. and every clerk in the place made sure to swing by and thank us as we stepped out the door. what could be better?

[1] note that zoff, practically, labels its home page as a "web site for consumer information." handy, that. and there are links for both "about us" and "company" in the main navigation, the difference between which i am not clear about at all. and speaking of, the navigation for the site is in english even though everything else is in japanese; apparently, english navigation is "trendy." you can try to understand, but sometimes it's easier to just give up.

[2] very little about the pricing system in japan made sense to me. how is it that i can spend the same amount on two glasses of cheap-but-very-expensive california wine as i do on a new pair of eyeglasses? a little research reveals that it doesn't make much sense to the japanese, either; "kakaku hakai" is the phrase for it, meaning price destruction, a situation in which various niche japanese market competitors drive each other's costs down to the barest of minimums. except, apparently, the wine importers.


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