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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

up next: japan.

hey, kids — hong kong was a roaring success, so let's try another asian country. courtney and i will be in tokyo from january 6 to 16 this new year, and if you're around, we should really get together. and even if you're not there, maybe you still have suggestions for places to go and things to see...?


Blogger Al said...

If you're venturing outside the city, especially if you're heading south, try to make room in your schedule to visit the tiny town of Nara. It is gorgeous, peaceful, calming, filled with magestic and ancient monuments - the Japan I was hoping to see. And they are officially obsessed with deer! They're revered and there's literally hundreds of them just walking the streets, flocking in the parks, etc. The town tourist traps specialize in neat deer-related jewelry, including things made from antlers, which they're only allowed to take from ones that expired of natural causes.

I wish I could say more useful info about Tokyo itself, but that city was a big disappointment to me, there wasn't much that did it for me. The emperor's palace was very Nara-like and the late night clubbing was cool. And technophile that I was, I can't believe how hard the Sony building sucked. It was like walking into Radio Shack when you were expecting the Apple store or even Fry's.

I visited Japan about a year and a half ago - in fact, the week before I came up to SF to do DUX2003 and your AP workshop! Have a wonderful trip and enjoy unplugging for a while.

12/30/2004 3:40 AM

Blogger magpie said...

Fun! I lived in Yokohama a decade ago. Take the Tokkaido line from Tokyo station and get off at the Kamakura train station to see the outdoor reclining buddha and don't forget to hit the beach there as well. I *heart* Kamakura. Also, if you can manage it, I'd recommend staying up to see a "rising sun." 'Cause y'know "land of..." and all that. Have a great trip!

1/04/2005 9:34 PM


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