i disagree with everything you just said.

Thursday, December 30, 2004

this so-called 20th century of angst, neurosis, and panic.

why just tell you what i'm doing with my life when i can also meddle in yours? recently experienced by me and highly recommended for you:
  • movie: bright young things, stephen fry, 2004. adapted from evelyn waugh's vile bodies. decadent, decadence, decadently. wallow in it. great parties, beautiful costumes, shallow people. the movie suffers once world war ii hits and they get all moral ("here come the buffalo!"), but fortunately that's just the last 10 minutes.

  • book: boob jubilee: the mad cultural politics of the new economy, thomas frank and the baffler crew, 2003. the somewhat flowery and overwrought writing style that them bafflers have perfected over the years is very appealing &mdash yes, the culture is collapsing, but when written about so wittily it doesn't hurt quite as much on the way down. section titles like "interns built the pyramids" and "cyclorama of the great debauch" make me feel both much better and much worse about myself. pair it with "bright young things" and make f. scott proud.

  • storage space: city storage. support local business and get rid of all the crap. our small city apartment has never felt more open, and city storage has a much better deal than the national chains without forcing you to drive all the way out to oakland. plus, surprisingly attractive building, for a storage space.

it may not be obvious to you, but all three are thematically related.


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