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Thursday, December 30, 2004

measure once, cut twice.

every year i say i'll do three things. and every year, i get one, maybe two of them accomplished, so the rule is always: one of those three things has to be something i said i'd do last time around, and one of them from the previous year has to get permanently retired, because let's face it, it ain't ever gonna happen. herewith, my three things for '05:
  1. learn to cook, sort of. not much, just three dishes beyond the one thing i currently make. because suddenly courtney's life is as busy as mine has been, and there's no letting up anytime soon; and because she loves to cook but doesn't have as much time for it anymore; and because everybody deserves variety in their life.

  2. make something, something big. i miss making things. so i'm getting back on that horse. i've got some ideas. i'll keep you posted.

  3. 2 week canoe or kayaking trip, at least 2 weeks. i used to be an outtripper up in canada, and we would go 4 weeks, 250 miles, and i miss it. summer's coming, eventually, and i live in california, so there's just no excuse. i'd also happily go hiking, but that has to be at least 3 weeks. anybody want to come along?

not as exciting as it used to be, but then, my life has settled down somewhat (not that i'm complaining.) retired from last year: become a dj. what's the point? in this town, throw a rock, hit a dj. in 2005 i'll just hire them.

oh, look, a list of lists.


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